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O.J. Facing Bail Revocation

Prosecutors say Simpson tried to contact robbery case codefendant

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O.J. Facing Bail Revocation

JANUARY 11--Las Vegas prosecutors are seeking to revoke O.J. Simpson's bail after he allegedly tried to contact a co-defendant and dissuade him from cooperating in the ex-athlete's robbery case. In a bail revocation motion filed today in Clark County District Court, prosecutors allege that Simpson sought to pass a message to Clarence Stewart though a bail bondsman.

In that message, which is included in the government motion (a copy of which you'll find here), Simpson remarked that he did not want Stewart to turn against him. The November 16 message was left on the voice mail of bail bondsman Miguel Pereira. A hearing on the prosecution motion is set for next Wednesday.

A condition of Simpson's $125,000 bail prohibits him from having any contact with his codefendants. In case Simpson was unsure what 'no contact' meant, Judge Joe Bonaventure spelled it out for him: 'Mr. Simpson, by 'no contact' I mean no direct contact, no indirect contact whatsoever. If you see them you're to avoid contact...You're not to use any means to contact these individuals; don't use e-mail, telephone, mail, passenger pigeon, no whatsoever contact.'

A second judge, Jackie Glass, today signed an order granting a prosecution request to have Simpson jailed until next week's bail revocation hearing. (3 pages)