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Popped In A Cop Car

Video shows teen drinking malt liquor in back of cruiser

Tasha Lee Cantrell

APRIL 9--As we reported earlier this week, Tasha Lee Cantrell, 19, was arrested early Monday morning after she made the mistake of popping open a can of malt liquor while seated in the back of a police car. Cantrell, who was being driven to her Fort Walton Beach home by Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office Deputy Mitchell Landis, had been a passenger in a vehicle whose driver was arrested for DUI.

As seen below, video from Landis's cruiser showed the deputy searching Cantrell's bag for contraband before she was allowed into the police vehicle (clip #1) . Somehow, he missed the 24-ounce can of Steel Reserve that Cantrell would later stealthily remove from its zebra-striped enclosure. After sneaking a sip, Cantrell was quickly busted by Landis, who was monitoring his passenger via an onboard camera pointed into the back seat.

When Landis stopped the car and opened the passenger door, Cantrell tucked the beer can between her legs (clip #2). After directing Cantrell to step out of the car, Landis arrested her for underage drinking. He then asked, "Why do you think you can drink a beer in the back of a cop car?" The handcuffed woman could only respond, "I have no right answer for you."

The video was provided to TSG after Cantrell, pictured in the mug shot at left, entered a no contest plea Tuesday in Circuit Court, where she was ordered to pay court costs and a fine totaling about $500. As Cantrell waited for Landis to bring her in for booking, she apparently noticed the camera recording her musings and sought to obscure its view with a well-placed sandal (clip #3). (1 page)

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