Puff Daddy: The Notorious I.O.U.?

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Puff Daddy: The Notorious I.O.U.?

Here's a few New York lawsuits all about the Benjamins, specifically the ones allegedly owed by Sean "Puffy" Combs's Bad Boy Entertainment. In early-October, Airborne Express sued Puff Daddy's company over an unpaid $12,466 bill. In late-June, a Queens limousine firm, Wallstreet Transportation,filed a lawsuit against Bad Boy charging that the music outfit never paid its $11,579 bill. Last year, a Manhattan limo operator, Q Limousine, had a similar legal beef, though only for 759 clams. We're sure the various invoices just got misplaced--kinda like Puffy's career. (6 pages)

Back in the day: Celebs stroke Puffy.

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