Roger Clemens Can't Spell

And other revelations from e-mail exchange with accuser Brian McNamee

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Roger Clemens Can't Spell

JULY 3--What can a baseball fan learn from a series of e-mails exchanged by Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee, the trainer who has accused the baseball star of using performance-enhancing drugs?

Well, Clemens can't spell the words 'douchebag' or 'lawsuits,' uses the word 'rocket' in his e-mail address, and signed electronic missives with his uniform number, 22.

The e-mails, reproduced here, were sent in October 2006, following the publication of a Los Angeles Times story reporting that Clemens and teammate Andy Pettitte were identified as steroid users in a confidential federal affidavit (the Times story proved to be erroneous).

In the first e-mail, Clemens tells McNamee that, 'Pet and I talk about the BS coming out. What a crock of shit!' The athlete added, 'Who knows next week they will be saying we robbed a bank or something. Stay hot. 22.'

After commiserating about problems caused by the Times report, McNamee sought to dispel any concerns 'in regards to being a rat or flipping on you or anyone of my clients.'

Though Clemens now claims that McNamee has wholly fabricated accounts of his steroid use, the athlete did not appear to bat an eye when his crony referred to being a 'rat' and 'flipping' on the baseball legend. A cynic might refer to that as evidence of guilt on the pitcher's part.

The correspondence was included as an exhibit to a federal court filing made yesterday by McNamee's lawyers, who are seeking dismissal of a defamation lawsuit brought by Clemens. (2 pages)