Case Dropped Against Accused Rolex Thief

Four watches found inside woman during strip search

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Rolex Case Dropped

JUNE 18--Prosecutors have dropped felony charges against the convicted prostitute arrested for allegedly stealing watches worth in excess of $100,000 from a Florida businessman, timepieces that were discovered in the suspect’s vagina during a jail strip search.

The case against Delajurea Brookens was closed last week when the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office informed the court that it was dismissing grand theft and other counts against the 29-year-old defendant.

Prosecutors, who had been denied any further continuances by a Circuit Court judge, were forced to drop the case against Brookens on June 10 due to a lack of cooperation from Ramon Diaz, the 46-year-old victim. Diaz, prosecutors say, failed to respond to their repeated phone calls, mail, and subpoenas.

Brookens, a Miami resident whose rap sheet includes convictions for prostitution and resisting a police officer with violence, was arrested in January and accused of stealing four Rolexes and a fifth timepiece from Diaz, a 46-year-old Orlando resident.

The pilfered Rolexes--which appear to be a bit bloody--are seen above in a police evidence photo (click to enlarge).

According to Miami Springs Police Department reports, Brookens met Diaz at Mango’s, a Miami Beach nightclub, and agreed to his suggestion that they go to his room at the Clarion Inn & Suites “to have more drinks.” Brookens (seen above) and Diaz both “denied prostitution” as the reason they went to the hotel at the Miami airport, cops noted.

After using the bathroom in his room, Diaz told police, he realized that a Crown Royal bag containing “five high luxury watches” valued at $108,000 was missing. When Diaz questioned Brookens about the missing watches, she fled the room.

Diaz gave chase, and eventually caught up with Brookens near the hotel. He asked for the return of his property, “which he visibly saw in her purse that was on her shoulder.” During a struggle over the watches, Brookens struck Diaz in the head with an “unknown object” and fled on foot, cops charged. As seen in this police evidence photo, Diaz suffered a small cut on his forehead.

When Brookens was subsequently apprehended by police in an alleyway near the hotel, she was found in possession of the Crown Royal bag, which held only a $22,000 Hublot watch (photo here). Asked about the whereabouts of the other four watches, an “irate and uncooperative” Brookens told cops, “Fuck off, I’m drunk.”

Brookens, who has the word “Whore” tattooed on her left forearm, “started to kick, spit and bite” officers seeking to take her into custody. Once inside a squad car, she kicked at the vehicle’s rear windows and smashed her forehead on a partition. Upon arriving at the jail, Brookens “urinated all over the prisoner bench” in a holding cell.

Investigators reported that an “extensive search of the scene was conducted by officers for the other four watches but was met with negative results.”

It was only after Brookens was booked into the Miami-Dade county jail that the Rolexes were recovered. The watches, a police report noted, were found in Brookens’s “vaginal cavity” during a strip search conducted by a female jailer.

As inventoried by police, the watches found in Brookens’s body cavity were:

* Rolex Daytona, platinum

* Rolex Day Date with diamond bezel

* Rolex Datejust with rainbow bezel, black band

* Rolex Day Date with rainbow bezel, gold

The four Rolexes were put in a red hazardous materials bag, which was then placed in a police storage locker. (3 pages)