Scariest Mug Shot. Ever.

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Scariest Mug Shot. Ever.

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JUNE 25--Meet Dion Milam.

The 30-year-old California inmate may be the scariest looking criminal TSG has ever seen. Milam, who wears "Aryan" and "Honor" tattoos above his eyebrows and a swastika tat on his neck, was charged yesterday in a methamphetamine case (his brother-in-law allegedly tried to mail the drug into the Stanislaus County Jail, where Milam is being held on a murder charge).

This mug shot was taken earlier this year following Milam's arrest in the murder case. Milam, who pulled a gun on sheriff's deputies, got roughed up a bit as he resisted arrest. (1 page)

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Makes Charlie Manson look almost normal.
Is that a nose on his face or a snake? Look at that thing slither.
Makes Jared Lee Loughner look like Mr.Rogers.