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"Skank Agent" In Craigslist Bust

Cops: Wisconsin teens robbed johns lured to motel by ads


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Teen "Skank Agent" In Craigslist Bust

DECEMBER 1--A Wisconsin teenager who described herself as a "skank agent" is facing felony charges for allegedly using Craigslist to rob prospective johns looking for sex.

According to a Circuit Court complaint filed yesterday, Samantha Stubbe, 17, last month placed an ad in the online classified site's "Adult Gigs" section offering sexual favors in return for an apartment. After men were lured to a Fond du Lac motel for a purported liaison, Stubbe's male friends attacked them and stole their money.

Stubbe  was aided in the scheme by Stevi Smet, 18, who served as the female decoy outside the motel. Smet (left) and Stubbe are pictured in the mug shots at left. When questioned by police, Stubbe admitted orchestrating the strong-arm robbery scheme, but told Detective Steve Kaufman that "she would not consider herself a pimp but a 'skank agent,' meaning that she was an agent with skanky friends."

Since state criminal codes do not address skank agentry, Stubbe was charged with soliciting prostitution and armed robbery. Smet, also charged with armed robbery, is facing a prostitution rap for allegedly having sex with a man who answered the Craigslist ad. The man, 19, told cops that he paid for Smet's services with a $175 check. (4 pages)

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WOW!! A prostitute that takes checks. Sounds like a Tom Cruise movie. (Risky Business for those too young to remember."