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"Space Lesbian" Lawsuit Lives On

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"Space Lesbian" Lawsuit Lives On

A New York appellate court has reinstated a bizarre lawsuit brought against Howard Stern by the siblings of a former radio guest dubbed the "Space Lesbian." The family of the late Deborah Roach, known on the air as Debbie Tay, sued Stern in 1996 for $8 million, claiming that they suffered "emotional distress" after the radio host handled their sister's cremated remains during a broadcast. Here are the two key (and interesting!) legal rulings in the case, now pending in Brooklyn's State Supreme Court.

Here you'll find the December 1996 lower court decision dismissing the "Space Lesbian" lawsuit (pages 1-5)

After that comes the July 6 appellate court ruling stating that a jury could rule that Stern's actions "went beyond the bounds of decent behavior." (pages 6-11)