Streisand Socked With $177,000 Legal Bill

Judge orders Babs to pay opponent in aerial photo case

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Streisand Socked With $177,000 Legal Bill

MAY 21--Putting an end to Barbra Streisand's stalling tactics, a California judge has ordered the singer to cough up $177,000 to cover the legal fees of her victorious opponent in a recent privacy invasion lawsuit.

Last May, Streisand sued when a California coastal preservation group posted on its web site an aerial photo (seen at left) showing the singer's oceanfront Malibu estate. But her complaint was later dismissed by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Allan J. Goodman, who awarded legal fees to the California Coastal Records Project and the group's founder Kenneth Adelman.

Streisand, though, balked at paying and filed motions challenging the $220,000 being sought by her legal vanquishers.

In the ruling, Goodman just ordered Babs to fork over exactly $177,107.54. This appears to end the Malibu saga--unless the 62-year-old singer has an appeal in mind. (9 pages)

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