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Stripper: De La Hoya Drag Photos "Altered"

Woman signed legal agreement stating images were stolen from her

Oscar De La Hoya & Milana Dravnel

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Stripper: De La Hoya Drag Photos "Altered"

NOVEMBER 26--The New York City stripper who claims to have photographed Oscar De La Hoya in drag recently signed a legal agreement stating that the images had been "altered" by an unnamed third party who stole the pictures from her camera.

The September 23 document, a copy of which you'll find here, was signed by Milana Dravnel, 22, and the boxer's attorney. The agreement notes that after the photos appeared online, Dravnel approached De La Hoya's representatives to advise them of her plans to recant prior statements vouching for the authenticity of the images (which Dravnel contends were snapped last year in a Philadelphia hotel).

The agreement notes that while Dravnel would not be paid for signing the document, De La Hoya agreed to indemnify her against legal fees stemming from any future lawsuit brought by a third party. De La Hoya also agreed that he would not sue Dravnel over the pictures.

Earlier this month, Dravnel sued De La Hoya for allegedly defaming her by asserting that the photos were Photoshopped fakes. She also claimed to have been made to sign the "one-sided" agreement, which barred further sales of the photographs, which appear to show the 34-year-old athlete wearing heels, a wig, and a fishnet bodysuit.

A copy of the September 23 document was filed today in court by De La Hoya's lawyers, who argue that any disputes stemming from the agreement were to be handled in "private, confidential arbitration," per its terms. (2 pages)