"Superbad" Star A Real Pisser

Young actor once convicted of relieving self in Jimmy Kimmel alley

Jonah Hill

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"Superbad" Star A Real Pisser

AUGUST 13--While he looks harmless in those ubiquitous "Superbad" ads, actor Jonah Hill is actually a convicted criminal.

Specifically, the actor (real name: Jonah Hill Feldstein) is a public urinator.

The 23-year-old was nabbed last year for relieving himself in an alley adjacent to the Hollywood Boulevard theater where Jimmy Kimmel Live is taped. Hill, who plays a hapless high school student in "Superbad," was named in a March 2006 Los Angeles Superior Court complaint, a copy of which you'll find here.

Hill was booked on the misdemeanor charge, which was later reduced to an infraction (to which he entered a guilty plea). He was fined $50, but a court docket indicates that the levy was suspended. (3 pages)