Cops: Gunman Opened Fired Over Taco Sauce

Taco Bell patron enraged over lack of condiment

DECEMBER 31--Incensed that taco sauce was not included with his order, a gunman opened fire early today at a Taco Bell in Oklahoma, shooting up the restaurant’s drive-thru window, police report.

According to cops, the customer picked up his order around 1:25 AM at the drive-thru window at the Oklahoma City fast food joint. But the man soon returned, yelling that employees did not include taco sauce packets with his order (the details of which are unknown).

The patron, described as a black man wearing a green hoodie, apparently was so distressed by the taco sauce error, he pulled out a gun and opened fire, striking the exterior of the Taco Ball (seen below).

When the shots rang out, workers locked themselves inside a bathroom. While huddled together, the employees realized that the gunman had entered the restaurant and was clambering around inside the business.

Gary Knight, an Oklahoma City Police Department spokesperson, told TSG that the gunman fired at least two shots at the Taco Bell.  

Nobody was injured in the shooting and cops are still searching for the suspect.