They've Given You A Number...

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They've Given You A Number...

As court records go, dopey name change applications are particularly amusing. In the past, TSG has chronicled successful filings for names like The Scary Guy and Obi-Wan Kenobi and the rejection of a guy who wanted to be known as Santa Robert Claus.

Now we're adding Ohio's Jeremy Steven DeBord to the list of those securing a distinctive new handle. An Ohio judge today (4/23) approved the 21-year-old college student's petition to be known simply as "Seven." According to these records filed with the Union County Probate Court, Jeremy, an aspiring graphic artist, thinks the number might "draw attention to his work."

Well, if it's all about causing a stir, perhaps Jeremy should ditch the digit and consider letter-based alternatives like Lee Harvey DeBord, George W. DeBord, RuPaul DeBord, or Mahatma DeBord. (2 pages)