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"Trashman" Nabbed For YouTube Threats

Feds: New Yorker posted videos claiming he poisoned Gerber baby food


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"Trashman" Nabbed For YouTube Threats

JULY 31--A New York City man was charged today with posting YouTube videos in which he claimed to have poisoned thousands of bottles of Gerber baby food in a bid to kill black babies.

According to federal investigators, Anton Dunn--using the alias "Trashman" and wearing a ski mask in his clips--created three videos claiming that the baby food had been tainted with cyanide. In one video, according a federal criminal complaint unsealed today, Dunn, filming himself from inside a shower stall, claims that his "plan is in motion" and that four babies had already died.

Dunn, 42, claimed that he would not be caught, despite "attempts to 'rat him out,'" adding that he had the police and FBI on his "payroll." A copy of the two-count U.S. District Court felony complaint filed against Dunn can be found here.

In April, federal investigators were alerted to Dunn's first video by a Gerber representative, and Food and Drug Administration investigators subsequently identified two other threatening videos. Dunn's videos received wide attention last week when the popular web site posted one of the 10-minute clips (the video first appeared on

Agents tracked Dunn via a web site registered in his name. The name of that site,, streamed across the bottom of some "Trashman" videos. Dunn has been arrested three times in the past ten months on charges unrelated to his moviemaking, according to the complaint.

The Harlem resident, who has previously posted videos in which he claimed to have infected numerous female sex partners with the HIV virus, operates a low-budget porn web site and, on his MySpace page, describes himself as an "adult website owner looking to network with people in the porn and music world." (6 pages)

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