A Triple Treat

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A Triple Treat

Here's three documents for the price of one:

1) On April 30, a federal jury in New York found Lawrence Cusack guilty of selling millions of dollars worth of phony documents, records purportedly signed by the likes of John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, and Robert F. Kennedy. It certainly didn't help Cusack's cause when FBI agents discovered that his notebooks contained practice signatures for other dead statesmen. On this page, Cusack apparently was perfecting the John Hancocks of Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington (TSG added the arrows). (1 page)

2) With the release of the three American soldiers held captive in Yugoslavia, The Smoking Gun dug out this receipt for the last American POW to be freed following the Vietnam War. After more than three years in captivity, Captain Robert White was released on April 1, 1973. (2 pages)

3) Finally, here's a Reagan-era National Security Council directive on Yugoslavia that promised to "facilitate military cooperation" and foster arms sales with a country the U.S. once embraced as a key obstacle to Soviet expansionism. (2 pages).