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Tulane Frat Boys In Hot Water

Ten arrested for 'Hell Night' hazing that left pledges with burns

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Tulane Frat Boys In Hot Water

MAY 8--Meet the Tulane 10.

A group of fraternity brothers at the New Orleans university burned pledges with boiling water in an alleged 'Hell Night' ritual last month, according to police. The Pi Kappa Alpha members are facing aggravated battery charges for the April 25 hazing incident in the group's fraternity house.

According to arrest warrants, the frat brothers poured flour, cayenne pepper, wasabi sauce, vinegar, and crab boil on the pledges before dousing the victims on their chests, backs, and genitalia with scalding water (some of which was poured from a gasoline cansiter and a kettle that had been heated on a hot plate). Pledges were also pelted with eggs and balloons filled with hot water.

Two pledges were later treated at a local hospital for second- and third-degree burns suffered as a result of the torturous initiation, which lasted over five hours in a 'large room which had been sheathed in plastic.' In the wake of this week's arrest of the fraternity members, Tulane University suspended the Pi Kappa Alpha chapter.

As seen in these mug shots, the arrested frat brothers are, clockwise from upper right, Jeremy Bendat, 22; Graham Carron, 20; William Dougherty, 20; Kevin Dunn, 20; Preston Gelman, 20; Danny Lazzeri, 20; Joseph Lorono, 20; Nicholas Maddern, 22; Oded Nissim, 20; and Joseph Stevens, 23. (7 pages)

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Their low IQ's show in their faces--the small foreheads, wide set eyes staring at the camera with a shallow, empty gaze. The group/sheeple mentality, also--same haircuts, t-shirts (bet they have baggy pants showing their dirty underwear, too). Genetic error manifested in a huge step backward in human intelligence, or lack thereof. Any animal species you can name is more disciplined, goal oriented, and imbued with a natural rationality that has been lost in just a few generations with humans. (Can you tell that I live near a modern institution of 'higher learning'?)