Tyson Told Cops He Is Troubled

After Arizona arrest, ex-champ spoke of drug use, disheveled life

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Tyson Told Cops He Is Troubled

JANUARY 3--In a police interview following his arrest last week, Mike Tyson told cops he smokes cocaine that he packs into Marlboro cigarettes, is unable to roll his own joints, and gets "a little crazy" without the use of the antidepressant Zoloft.

Tyson, 40, was arrested December 29 in Scottsdale, Arizona on drug possession and driving under the influence charges.

In a taped interview with the Buckeye Police Department, the former heavyweight champion spoke about his drug use and how he is "fucked up." When Officer J.R. McKnight told Tyson he did not appear to be messed up, the boxer replied, "I know man but I am fucked up." Tyson "then followed the statement by laughing loudly," according to a police report, an excerpt of which you'll find here.

When Tyson was pulled over for driving erratically, cops saw him wiping away loose tobacco and a white powder from his BMW's center console. When asked for his license and registration, Tyson pulled out a "large amount of paperwork" and handed the stack to a cop, saying, "You can look in there."

The police report also notes that Tyson was flashing the peace sign at the start of his interview. He told investigators that, "in Ireland, if you turn your hand the opposite way, it means, 'Fuck you.'" (4 pages)