Police Hunt For Wet (Floor Sign) Bandits

Cops seek help in nabbing Family Dollar duo

FEBRUARY 22--A theft suspect attacked a Family Dollar employee with a wet floor sign after she was confronted for pilfering items from the store, according to Ohio police.

Cops are seeking the public’s help in identifying a pair of young women who were boosting items from the discount store in Columbus earlier this month.

The suspects, cops say, were spotted stuffing Family Dollar merchandise in their clothes. When confronted by a store worker, one of the women--who was wearing a pink coat and an orange shower cap--“pushed, punched, and spit on the employee trying to prevent the theft.”

The woman’s accomplice also allegedly pushed the male employee as he tussled with the other thief. During the assault, the woman wearing the shower cap picked up a wet floor sign and swung it at the Family Dollar worker. She then threw the yellow sign at the victim.

Before fleeing the scene in a white SUV, the duo warned that they would return with familial backup. The shower cap enthusiast eventually returned in the company of four males. The group then unsuccessfully scoured the store for the male worker with whom the female suspects had tangled. Before departing, posse members “each grabbed food items and fled the store,” cops say.

As seen above, store surveillance cameras recorded clear images of the female suspects, who cops estimated are between 16 and 22 years old.