Wynonna Judd's Tennessee Wrangle

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Wynonna Judd's Tennessee Wrangle

NOVEMBER 13--Country singer Wynonna Judd was arrested early today for drunk driving in Nashville.

Following a traffic stop, cops detected the smell of booze on the 39-year-old performer, whose eyes were watery and dilated. Judd, who told officers that she couldn't recall how many drinks she had polished off, agreed to a Breathalyzer--and promptly blew a .175, more than twice the Tennessee limit of .08.

Judd was released after posting $500 bond.

Earlier this month, Judd hosted the Country Music Television program "Morning After: The 40 Greatest Drinking Songs of Country Music." Promoting the show, she offered these tips: "Here's some important barroom etiquette rules everyone needs to know. If you meet someone in a bar and forget their name, it's always permissible to call them Baby or Darlin'. However, it is never permissible to call them Babycakes or Honeypants, OK? And lastly, all bartenders everywhere, can always be called Joe." (1 page)