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Burrito-Seeking Drunk Driver Busted, Cops Say

Bank drive-thru lane mistaken for a Taco Bell

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Bank Burrito

JANUARY 19--A Florida motorist was so impaired that he mistook a Bank of America drive-up lane for a Taco Bell and sought to order a burrito from a teller, according to an arrest report.

Cops were summoned Wednesday afternoon to a Tampa-area bank “in reference to a suspected impaired driver.” Upon arriving at the Bank of America branch, an investigator found Douglas Francisco, 28, at the wheel of a blue Hyundai in the bank’s parking lot.

A bank manager previously told police that a male driving a blue Hyundai had passed out at the wheel while in the bank’s drive-thru lane. After the employee beat on the car’s window, the driver awoke and asked for a burrito. He subsequently drove away “after being informed he was not at Taco Bell.”

During police questioning, Francisco “made several statements that were differing from reality,” a Hernando County Sheriff’s Office deputy reported. Francisco, the deputy noted, had a “delayed reaction to questions as well as slowed movements of his extremities consistent with someone under the influence of prescription narcotics.”

Francisco was arrested after field sobriety tests “yielded strong evidence of impairment.” A search of Francisco turned up Xanax and Oxycodone pills, for which he had a prescription.

Charged with driving under the influence, Francisco (seen above) was booked into the county jail on the misdemeanor rap. He was freed yesterday after posting $500 bail. (2 pages)