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Police Quote Suspect Saying, "Bye, Felicia"

Pop culture's favorite farewell cited in DUI report

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Bye, Felicia

AUGUST 25--After a drunken South Carolina woman crashed her car Tuesday night, she emerged from the vehicle with a glass of peach liqueur in her hand and rudely rejected an offer of aid by using pop culture’s favorite dismissive phrase, according to a police report.

Cops allege that Lauren Harris, 36, was intoxicated when she drove into a ditch in Spartanburg around 8 PM. Upon spotting Harris crash her car, Lakisha Smith, 39, exited her home to see if Harris needed help.

Smith told investigators that Harris was “very rude” and walked away from her while carrying a “clear cup full of brown liquid.” As she sauntered down the street, Harris stuck Smith with a two-word shiv.

“Bye, Felicia,” Harris said.

A second witness, Gary Garner, said that Harris asked him to “claim her car back from Mexicans.” Garner also told cops that Harris threw a drinking glass on the ground. An officer noted that he recognized “what smelled like peach liqueur” coming from the shattered glass.

When first contacted by police, a cop reported, Harris “walked up to me and was trying to give me her car keys and told me to just take the car and that she wanted to leave.” The officer, who did not offer valet service, added that Harris admitted that she had been drinking, but claimed that an unnamed boyfriend was behind the wheel when the car landed in the ditch.

Witnesses said Harris was alone in the car and “was driving drunk up and down the road as she always does.”

Seen above, Harris declined to perform field sobriety tests and “refused to blow.” Arrested for drunk driving, Harris was handcuffed and placed into the rear of a squad car for the trip to the county jail.

Perhaps a neighbor found a succinct way to bid her farewell. (1 page)