DOCUMENT: Drunk, Crime

Drunk Motorist Was Driving Bar On Wheels

Suspect, 28, had eight open bottles of liquor in car

FEBRUARY 18--A Minnesota man arrested yesterday afternoon for drunk driving was behind the wheel of a makeshift bar, according to cops who discovered eight open bottles of liquor inside the automobile.

Acting on a tip from another motorist, officers pulled over a vehicle that had been spotted weaving across Highway 12, about 25 miles outside Minneapolis.

According to cops, driver Nicholas Karnes, 28, was alone inside the vehicle, though he was surrounded by “numerous open alcohol containers.” Seen above, a police photo of the seized booze shows bottles of New Amsterdam vodka, Hornitos tequila, Fireball whisky, and Jim Beam bourbon.

Police dumped out the contents of most of the bottles before photographing the liquor atop Karnes’s vehicle. No mixers were discovered.

After Karnes failed a series of field sobriety tests, he took a Breathalyzer that registered his blood alcohol level at .20, more than twice the legal limit. Karnes told police that he had been out drinking until 6 AM Wednesday.

Pictured below in a Facebook photo, Karnes was arrested for drunk driving and booked into the Hennepin County jail (from which he was released Wednesday night). He is scheduled for an April 1 court appearance on a pair of gross misdemeanor charges.