DOCUMENT: Drunk, Fail, Crime

Halloween Revelers Nabbed While In Character

Arrests included variety of perps popped in face paint


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Halloween Mug Shots

NOVEMBER 1--The best part of Halloween falling on a weekend is that significantly more costumed revelers go out, get drunk, brawl in the street, and end up in handcuffs.

Here’s a mug shot sampling of some partiers who were collared while wearing vestiges of the makeup component of their outfits--blood, blackened eyes, wounds, scars, etc..

The suspects were nabbed for all sorts of alleged criminality, including public intoxication, drunk driving, battery, fighting, and even vehicular homicide. (10 pages)

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What was the homicide?
That's terrible, Flaterrie. :(
What isn't said here is the last shot was of someone who's DUI killed two innocent people who were walking home from work and he went over the sidewalk and took them out.....
It says "even vehicular homicide" - vehicular (car) homicide (killed) which does say that someone was killed by a person driving a car