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Underage Bar Patron Busted For "McLovin" License

Iowa collegian, 20, nabbed for fake ID

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McLovin ID Bust

OCTOBER 11--An underage collegian who was caught drinking booze early today in an Iowa bar is facing a phony ID charge after cops reported spotting a “fake Hawaii ID with the name ‘McLovin,’” in his wallet, according to a court complaint.

During a 12:30 AM check at the Airliner Bar in Iowa City, cops questioned Daniel Burleson “while he had an alcoholic drink in his hand.” Burleson, 20, admitted that he was enjoying “a mixed drink containing vodka.”

After the University of Iowa business student was escorted from the premises, he gave police his ID, which showed that he was under 21. When cops then asked Burleson for his fake ID, he denied having one.

Seen above, Burleson then took out his wallet and began shuffling through it, the complaint states. That was when “police could see the def’s fake Hawaii ID with the name ‘McLovin’” and a June 1981 date of birth.

Burleson told officers that he got the ID “off of Amazon.” Cops then actually contacted police dispatch, which “ran a query of the ID which returned no results.” The complaint does not indicate whether the officers were aware of the film “Superbad” and a character’s use of a fake “McLovin” driver’s license.

Burleson--who reportedly smelled of booze and had slurred speech and bloodshot eyes--was charged with possession of a fake ID and public intoxication, both misdemeanors. He was also cited for minor in possession of alcohol and being in a bar while underage.

Burleson was booked into the Johnson County jail, from which he was released at 9 AM today. (1 page)