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Intoxicated Time Traveler Warned Of Alien Invasion

Top contender for 2017 Police Report of the Year

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Wyoming Time Traveler

OCTOBER 4--In what seems like a plausible story, a Wyoming man arrested for public intoxication told police that he was a time traveler from the year 2048 who had returned to warn of a future invasion by aliens who had filled his body with alcohol, according to a strong candidate for 2017 Police Report of the Year.

Bryant Johnson, 27, was arrested late Monday night by Casper Police Department officers responding to a call from a local hospital about “a male stating he was from the future.” Cops were summoned because Johnson “wouldn’t talk to nurses or doctors.”

During a police interview, Johnson explained that he had traveled back in time to warn Casper residents “to leave as fast as possible” or risk an alien encounter. Johnson, who asked to speak to the “president of the town,” added that the only way he was able to time travel “was to have the aliens fill his body with alcohol.”

Johnson said he had to “stand on a giant pad” to be transported to the year 2017 (though he claimed that he “was in the wrong year and was supposed to be in 2018, not 2017”).

A patrolman noted that Johnson (seen above) smelled of booze, had watery, bloodshot eyes, and slightly slurred speech. A breath test revealed that Johnson’s blood alcohol level was .136, over the .08 legal limit.

Johnson, who was causing a disturbance in the hospital’s emergency room, was arrested for public intoxication and booked into the Natrona County jail. (1 page)