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Pervert Stayed On Message

Man shows up for underage sex sting in unfortunate t-shirt

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Arkansas Perv Stayed On Message

MAY 19--Meet Joshua Dawson.

The Arkansas man, 24, last week allegedly arranged what he thought was going to be a sexual liaison with a 13-year-old girl he had met on the Internet. During an online chat (Dawson's Yahoo handle is 'biggoo76'), he 'exposed himself using a web cam and offered sex' to, of course, an undercover officer with the Mayflower Police Department, according to investigators.

After arranging to meet the girl, Dawson stopped at a Walmart to purchase condoms. When he arrived at the meeting location, Dawson was arrested by cops, who found the condoms and Google driving instructions to the meet-up spot in his vehicle. They also discovered that Dawson has the worst taste in message t-shirts (especially for someone plotting sex with a minor).

Dawson was named in a May 14 felony information charging him with Internet stalking of a child. (2 pages)

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I wish I lived in a town that was so crime-free that the taxpayers didn't mind their tax dollars being used for this kind of garbage. Are they so rich that they have swat teams, armored entry vehicles AND perv patrols?
i heard that they will pull his teeth out in prison so he will not bite the guy he is giving head to
Hi, I'm Chris Hanson. Seriously, when will these pervs ever learn!?