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"Alexa, Please Call A Bail Bondsman"

Police: Woman hit spouse with Amazon cube

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Amazon Battery

AUGUST 12--“Alexa, call a bail bondsman.”

During an argument yesterday, a Florida Woman struck her husband in the head with a thrown Amazon Fire TV Cube, according to police who arrested her on a domestic battery charge.

As alleged in a probable cause affidavit, Ashley Mullineaux, 24, and her husband began arguing Sunday due to “Ashley not going to church with him.” When Matthew Mullineaux, 34, returned post-services to the couple’s Bradenton home, the pair resumed arguing over “Ashley hiding his ‘weed.’”

The dispute, cops say, turned physical when Ashley (seen at right) began throwing items at her husband. While some of the domestic projectiles “just broke or spilled throughout the apartment,” two objects hit their mark.

An “Alexa cube” and a metal drinking cup both struck Matthew “on his face/head,” leaving him with a cut on his chin and a “large knot” on his head.

When cops arrived at the couple’s residence, Matthew did not want to press charges, saying, “It was just a number of things that got out of hand and should not have happened on both parties.”

Ashley, who accused Matthew of striking her during the confrontation, was arrested on a misdemeanor battery rap and booked into the county jail. In advance of a court hearing today, Ashley remains in custody, according to jail records.

The $120 Amazon cube allows for hands-free voice control of your TV and smart home devices. Employing the Fire as a weapon, however, is an off-label use. (2 pages)