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Driving While "In-Copulated"

Florida woman--naked in car--busted after crashing into utility pole

Megan Douglas

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Driving While "In-Copulated"

MAY 28--Meet Megan Douglas.

The Florida woman, 18, had just finished having sex with a guy in her Toyota Highlander when the vehicle ran off a highway Friday night and struck a road sign and a concrete utility pole.

Responding to the crash scene, St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office deputies found an allegedly tipsy Douglas and her male paramour naked, according to a police report, an excerpt of which you'll find here. Douglas explained that she had just had sex with passenger Robert Van Hooser Jr., 27, "but not while the vehicle was in motion."

Douglas, who smelled of booze and had slurred speech, claimed that she had only consumed three or four beers before the accident. When a search of her purse turned up a marijuana stash, Douglas, pictured in the mug shot at left, admitted that she "deals it."

Charged with drunk driving and pot possession, Douglas was briefly jailed before posting $13,500 bond. Van Hooser, an Indian River Community College student, was not charged for his role in the vehicular frolic. (2 pages)