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Ex-Con In Domestic “Honey Bun” Arrest

Accused man, 47, has a "bear claw" tattoo

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Honey Bun Battery

JUNE 17--An ex-con landed behind bars again after allegedly striking his girlfriend in the face while arguing over a “Honey Bun,” according to Florida court records.

Investigators say Andre Eason, 47, and the 39-year-old victim were in their car Friday when the 4 AM pastry kerfuffle began. At the time, the couple--who live in a  hotel--were outside the Walmart Supercenter in St. Petersburg.

During the “Honey Bun” dispute, Eason allegedly “smacked the victim in the face causing minor redness.” An arrest affidavit does not specify the nature of the “Honey Bun” clash (though history indicates that one of the parties likely consumed the “Honey Bun” before the other could partake).

Eason, seen at right, was subsequently arrested for domestic battery, a misdemeanor, and booked into the county jail. He was released from custody later that day and ordered to have no contact with his girlfriend of six months.

The couple’s relationship began roughly after Eason was released from state prison earlier this year. Described in court records as “self employed,” the convicted felon’s solo practice previously included the sale of fentanyl and methamphetamine, which resulted in his jailing following an undercover narcotics investigation.

Eason’s rap sheet also includes convictions for aggravated assault, theft, and disorderly intoxication. When booked into custody, jailers have noted that Eason has tear drops inked below his right eye, as well as a tattoo of a “bear claw,” which might not refer to the sugary delicacy. (1 page)