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Cops: Man Mixed Liquid Cocaine With Kool-Aid

Officer found orange liquid in suspect's syringe

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Cocaine & Kool-Aid

SEPTEMBER 14--A cop yesterday interrupted a man as he prepared to use a syringe to shoot up a mixture of liquid cocaine and orange Kool-Aid, according to an arrest report.

Officer Robert Snippe was in a closed St. Petersburg, Florida park around 1 AM Sunday when he spotted Nathan Moore, 35, with “needle of syringe to his arm.”

When confronted by the patrolman, Moore reportedly admitted to mixing 15 milliliters of liquid cocaine with 25 milliliters of Kool-Aid, adding that he was in the process of injecting the liquid when he was spotted in the park after hours.  

“Def admitted to having a drug problem and was about to enter a rehab program in the near future,” reported Snippe, who added that a “Presumptive test was positive for cocaine.”

Moore, arrested on a felony narcotics possession charge, is being held on $6000 bond in the county jail, where he is also facing probation violation charges stemming from prior grand theft and petty theft convictions.

Seen above, Moore, who has been on probation since mid-June, also has prior arrests for theft, trespass, cocaine possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of the painkiller oxycodone. (1 page)