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Threesome Goes Bad, Couple Ends Up In Cuffs

After tryst goes awry, criminal charges follow

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Florida Threesome

MARCH 9--Amid recriminations about a “little dick” and a “stank pussy,” a sexual threesome dissolved into a violent encounter that resulted in the two of the participants--a woman and a man--in handcuffs (but not the fuzzy pink kind).

According to arrest reports, the threesome occurred early Monday at a residence in Marathon in the Florida Keys. The home’s occupants--Steven Lopez, 31, and Angela Vazquez, 20--told police they were in an “open relationship” and had invited Della Draper, 29, over to “have sexual intercourse.”

Lopez said he met Draper while driving for a Marathon taxi service and “gave her his Facebook information.”

Lopez and Vazquez told cops that while the trio was having sex, Draper became “extremely disrespectful,” prompting the couple to request that she leave the residence.

According to Draper, she became upset when Lopez and Vazquez “tried to dominate her sexually inside the house.” Draper told police that she “told Steven he had a ‘little dick’ and his wife had a ‘stank pussy,’” an arrest report notes.

A physical confrontation ensued, with Draper alleging that she was punched, had her hair pulled, and was thrown outside. As she drove away from the home, Draper added, a cinder block was thrown through the rear window of her Nissan Altima.

Lopez and Vazquez said that when Draper, seated on a couch, refused to leave their home, they “forcefully removed” Draper by “picking her up and placing her down outside the front door of the residence.” Draper then got in her car, the couple alleged, and drove the vehicle backwards towards the home’s front door (where Lopez and Vazquez were standing). After the auto struck Vazquez’s left leg, Lopez said, he threw the cinder block at the Nissan.

Draper then exited the car, Vazquez told police, and “swung a closed fist at her, but missed.” Vazquez added that she responded by punching Draper in the face.

Vazquez, Lopez, and Draper are pictured above, top to bottom.

Police charged Lopez with a felony for throwing the cinder block, while Vazquez was hit with a misdemeanor battery account for allegedly striking Draper. While Lopez bonded out of jail, Vazquez remains in custody and may be facing additional criminal charges since she told police that she is “currently on probation and was not allowed to leave the state of Connecticut.”

Draper, a mother of two who works as a housekeeper, was not charged in connection with the March 6 threesome. But Draper was arrested yesterday for felony aggravated battery for allegedly striking another sexual partner in his face with a glass vase partially filled with gravel and rocks.

The alleged attack early Wednesday came after what a witness described as a threesome in Draper's Grassy Key residence. The 31-year-old male victim--identified by cops as the father of Draper's children--suffered superficial lacerations, swelling, and redness to the left side of his face and the interior of his upper lip. 

At the time of her March 8 arrest, Draper was free on bond in connection with her bust last year for battery on a law enforcement officer, possession of drug paraphernalia, tampering with evidence, and resisting police.

As detailed in a July 2022 arrest report, Draper was a passenger in an SUV that was spotted swerving on a Marathon roadway. After the vehicle, which was being driven by a 39-year-old female friend of Draper’s, was pulled over, Draper allegedly tried to dispose of an open bottle of tequila. She also reportedly scuffled with cops, who reported finding drug paraphernalia beneath Draper’s seat.

While Draper and her friend--who was arrested on a DUI count--were being driven to the Key West jail, they “began engaging in romantic acts” in the rear of a police cruiser, according to court records. Cops reported that Draper, whose hands were cuffed in front of her, was “fondling” and kissing her friend. An officer then stopped the car and handcuffed Draper with her hands behind her back. Draper reportedly responded by pulling the rear of her bathing suit to the side and asking the officer, “Do you wanna see my asshole?” (4 pages)