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Cops: Naked Lawyer Busted For Bar Antics

After being denied service, woman doffed clothes

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Naked Lawyer

FEBRUARY 21--After she was refused service by a bar manager, a drunk Florida Lawyer went into the restroom and then emerged “unclothed and completely naked,” according to police who charged her with disorderly conduct.

According to an arrest report, Kelly Elkins, 49, entered the Beach Lounge in St. Pete Beach around 2:15 AM Friday, but was “intoxicated to the point the manager refused to server her.”

Instead of departing, Elkins “walked into the restroom and then came back out into the bar unclothed and completely naked.” When Elkins, seen at right, refused the manager’s requests to get dressed, cops were summoned.

Upon arriving at the bar, a Pinellas County sheriff noted that Elkins was still naked and had to be repeatedly told to get dressed. But the attorney would only put on a hoodie, which she did not zip up. Elkins, the cop reported, claimed she was too tired to put on her pants.

Elkins’s naked antics played out in front of several bar patrons, police reported.

Charged with disorderly conduct, Elkins was booked into the county jail, from which she was later released on her own recognizance.

Elkins, who was admitted to the Florida Bar in 2001, is also a licensed real estate broker. (1 page)