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Man With "Mom" Ink Gets Sent Back To Clink

Cops: Perp battered mother, whose name is on his chest

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Déjà Vu Bust

NOVEMBER 25--A Florida Man who has his mother’s full name tattooed on his chest has been arrested for shoving the 53-year-old woman to the ground during an argument in the family’s St. Petersburg residence.


Thomas Pinson, 27, was charged with domestic battery after an argument Tuesday evening with his mother over “financial disputes and job related drama” allegedly turned violent.

Investigators charge that Pinson, seen at right, grabbed his mother Carmon and “threw her to the ground which aggravated an existing injury.” The attack, cops reported, occurred in the presence of Pinson’s father.

Pinson, who fled the residence before police arrived, was arrested early yesterday on the misdemeanor charge and booked into the Pinellas County jail. He was later released on $5000 bond and ordered to have no contact with his mother and to stay away from her home.   

Police and court records note that Pinson has a rose and the name “Carmon Pinson” tattooed on his chest.

Pinson was arrested in 2017 for allegedly shoving his mother to the ground during a 3:45 AM confrontation in their home. Carmon “hit her head as a result of being shoved,” police reported at the time. Pinson fled the residence before police arrived.

Prosecutors subsequently declined to pursue a domestic battery charge against Pinson after his mother notified the court that she did not wish to prosecute the misdemeanor case against her son.

An arrest report lists Pinson’s employment as “None.” He has previously worked at the Casual Clam restaurant in St. Petersburg. (1 page)