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Son Arrested For Pizza Attack On His Father

Cops: Man angry victim "helped give birth to him"

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Pizza Domestic Battery

JANUARY 4--A Florida Man was arrested last night after allegedly plastering his father’s face with pizza, an attack prompted by the accused man “being mad his dad helped give birth to him,” cops report.

When police arrived Thursday evening at a residence in Holiday, a Tampa suburb, they encountered Robert Houston outside the home. Houston, 33, put his hands behind his back and said he knew he was going to jail.

Asked why he should be locked up, Houston said he "threw pizza at his dad’s face striking him with it due to him being mad his dad helped give birth to him.”

In an interview, the 64-year-old victim told Pasco County Sheriff’s Office deputies that his son had been “on the front porch waiting for pizza” before the attack. After the food was delivered, the man said, Houston shoved pizza in his face as he pinned him to a chair.

A cop noted that a pizza slice was on the victim’s chair and “chunks of cheese and sauce” were “all over the area.” The victim’s account of the pizza battery was corroborated by two other family members, according to a complaint affidavit.

Charged with domestic battery, Houston is being held in the county jail in advance of a court appearance today. (2 pages)