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Cops: Woman Drove 19 Miles With Ex On Hood

Negligence rap for Floridian's vehicular antics

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Florida Car Hood

JUNE 28--A woman who drove nearly 20 miles with her ex-boyfriend clinging to the hood of her speeding car has been arrested on a negligence charge in connection with her vehicular antics on a Florida interstate.

Patresha Isidore, 24, was collared for exposing Junior Francis, 22, to “risk of injury or death.” Isidore, seen at right, bonded out of custody on the misdemeanor charge.

According to a complaint affidavit, Isidore and Francis had a dispute Sunday evening as Isidore began to depart a Lauderhill residence in a 2010 Mercedes registered to both parties. In an attempt to keep Isidore from leaving, Francis climbed onto the auto’s hood.

Undeterred by the man atop her Mercedes, Isidore began driving on local roads that led her to Interstate 95, where she pulled into “the express lane at speed consistent with other traffic.”

As seen above, a fellow motorist recorded Francis holding on for his life as the Mercedes approached 70 mph. [NOTE: The video’s language is NSFW.]

Francis’s terrifying ride ended when Isidore pulled up to an intersection, where they were subsequently contacted by Broward County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

Isidore, investigators allege, had “multiple opportunities” to stop the car and call 911, but instead “willfully put the victim in danger by driving the vehicle for a distance of approximately nineteen miles.”

Francis, who told cops that he has a five-year-old daughter with Isidore, did not want to prosecute his ex and refused to provide a sworn recorded statement.

As he held on to the car with one hand, Francis, seen at left, placed a 911 call, telling a police operator that Isidore was “swerving the car and I'm on top of the car. I really need help.” (2 pages)