Cops: Man Pulled Gun Over Missing McDouble Burger

Drive-thru patron, 23, sought for bizarre incident

McDouble Cheeseburger

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McDouble Gun Pulled

DECEMBER 23--Tennessee cops are hunting for a McDonald’s patron who pulled a gun on restaurant workers after complaining that his drive-thru order was short a McDouble cheeseburger.

According to police, Demetri Johnson, 21, placed an order early last Thursday at a McDonald’s in Nashville. After receiving his food, he pulled away from the restaurant’s drive-thru lane.

Johnson, pictured at right, soon returned to the eatery “and complained that he was missing a McDouble cheeseburger,” cops reported. A McDonald’s manager asked Johnson to park his car and promised “he would bring out the missing item.”

Detectives allege that after waiting for a few minutes, Johnson entered the restaurant with a gun in his hand. After racking the weapon, he demanded that his McDouble order be fixed. “He and the three women with him also demanded fresh fries and new soft drinks,” cops added. The quartet departed after receiving their food.

Johnson is being sought on a felony aggravated assault charge. According to court records, Johnson has previously been arrested for weapons possession and theft. (1 page)