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Mom Arrested For Duct-Taping Baby Daughter

Woman collared after image of child appears online

Duct Taped Baby

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Duct Taped Baby

FEBRUARY 17--A Pennsylvania woman is facing a child endangerment charge after a photo emerged online showing her posing next to her child, who was duct-taped to a chair, with tape over her mouth.

While the image appeared last week on, the site blurred out the faces of the smiling woman and the bound child, leaving them virtually unidentifiable to law enforcement.

That is until suspect Caira Ferguson, 21, approached police herself. She claimed that the person who leaked the photo--a copy of which she actually gave to cops--was also purportedly guilty of stealing her identity.

Investigators believe that Ferguson, fearful that she would eventually be identified as the woman in the photo, concocted the identity theft story in a misguided effort to somehow protect herself. Ferguson, pictured above, apparently discounted the possibility that the photo itself could be considered evidence of a crime.

A subsequent police investigation determined that the photo was taken about six months ago, when Ferguson’s diapered daughter was 18 months old. A search warrant was executed at Fergsuon’s Chester Township residence, where cops recovered the purple chair seen in the photo, according to a probable cause affidavit. “The chair was found to still had remnants of duct tape affixed to the arms and legs,” police noted.

In a recorded interview, Ferguson admitted taping her daughter to the chair last July. As a result, she was charged yesterday with child endangerment, false imprisonment, and unlawful restraint.

Fergsuon was booked into the Delaware County jail where she is being held without bond. (3 pages)

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Casey Anthony 2.0? What TF?
I thought when I first seen it that it was just a joke but I guess she did cause the kid was bad when I seen it I thought heck my son would love to do that for fun but to think I could be charged for having a fun with my kid WOW you Americans surprise me all the time I love being here in Canada
Talk about a versatile product! This story is a testimonial to the almost endless uses duct tape can be put to!
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No it isn't. It is because some people are just too lazy to actually work.
That's right! Time for reparations!
Just because she's a black woman doesn't mean she's on welfare! I wish you judgmental non-black f**kheads would stop this stereotype of blacks! Not all black people are on welfare, I work hard to pay my bills and take care of my child, I don't need welfare! This is about a dumb a** woman who duct taped her baby and thought it was funny.
Just preparing him for the handcuffs he'll be wearing later in life.
Your statement is an example of the education system is on the rocks..because the victim in this matter is a LITTLE GIRL!
i love how eveyone is attacking each other and playing the race card! who cares if she's on welfare, or food stamps? what's really important is that this woman abused her child and thought she was going to get away with it.
This is the chaos that the Democrats love, in accordance with Rules for Radicals, by Saul Alinsky. Do an internet search for Saul Alinsky and you will see what the leftists are up to. With chaos, they get socialism..........their dream since the 1960 counter-culture era.
She was probably in a rush to go on a date.
One investigation of kid endangerment was very easy. PA police arrested the woman they believed guilty when she walked into the police station. A 21-year-old mother duct taped her kid to a chair. The PA mom showed police officers the photograph of her duct-taped child and was quickly arrested. I really hope nobody gets a cash advance to bail this woman out of jail.
This is the reason that these welfare abusers need to be held accountable for their actions and instead of welfare for their children they should be made to put the babies up for adoption instead of receiving WIC/welfare/foodstamps/etc. These type of women do not want these babies they want the money that comes because of them!
@ the last Census, the African American People now out number the White people. Just saying!!!!
Counting heads at the welfare office isn't called a "census".
I like how you automatically assume she's on welfare AND abusing it. Shockingly enough, THERE ARE MORE WHITE PEOPLE ON WELFARE IN AMERICA THAN BLACKS!
I'm not trying to defend the racist comments on here.. But, you should probably find a better argument. The only reason what your saying is true is due to the fact that whites make up a majority of the population. Unfortunately, if you were to look at the percentage of the population that is black, then, what percentage of the black population was on welfare. You'd find blacks have a higher percentage of their population on welfare than most, if not all other races.
Feature2533 you are incorrect about the information that you had post on here. Checkout (The CBS Interactive Business Network..look at Reference Publication "Who Get Welfare" this is my finding: *****"Some 61 percent of welfare recipients are White, while 33 percent are Black, according to 1990 Census Bureau statistics, the latest figures available". See how much things change today>>>>>>checkout White 38.8% Black 37.2 Hispanic 17.8 Asian 2.8 Other 3.4 American are hurting real bad due to the economy whites, blacks, everyone is one step from welfare! And that is going to end very shortly due to us owing Japan so much money. One day that black person or white person might be the one to help feed your family! THIS IS AN HUMAN RACE ISSUE AND THINGS WILL GET WORST BEFORE IT GET BETTER! The point of this reply to everyone on here just know what you are talking about before you type! This act by one sorry female because she shouldn't be call a mother need to be punish by our judicial system! If you do the crime you must do the time! Don't care if you White, Black, Hispanic or Asian. We all have stories of people in our own race that make you say dang. But that one rotton person don't define you or represent you or reflects anything about your community at all. Don't allow the lack of knowledge hinder your blessings or advancement in life. These comment's don't make me upset because someone made a false statement or say things I know he or she wouldn't say in front of a black person. We have both the good and bad that make-up this world regardless how narrow minded they may be due to the lack of knowledge, or education and God! Work on being better people for we all will have to face GOD one day and will be judge accordantly!
The numbers are larger because the Democrats have found a way to make them life-time Democrat voters.
It is a God given right to keep or put up for adoption your child. Yes she needs to be taken away from her mother, but at least she is alive and I hope she never sees her mother again, In my state an adopted child gets Medicaid for a year after their birth. They get WIC, and get formula, cereal, and when older, baby food whole milk, cheese eggs. My daughter adopted a little preme baby. He is now 2 years old and loving his tracktees. I am a proud grandma.
Why is it a "god given right" when its something like this, but most democrats are atheists who dont believe in god? funny how that works!
I find it funny how you think that this 'God' fellow gave you some rights. Rights are granted by the state, along with the associated responsibilities. Get a grip Grandma.
I think it's funny that you think your know your rights and took a shot at someone for their faith when you're absolutely, positively wrong. Our Constitution specifically states that you were given your rights by the Creator ("endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights"). The Bill of Rights then goes on to clarify some of these rights and its amendments spell out ways in which they can not be infringed upon. For example, the First Amendment doesn't give you freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition. It says that the state can not make a law prohibiting the free exercise of these rights. Maybe next time you should put down the keyboard and pick up a book.
OMG... but what about the children????? Fark the children!!! -G Carlin
I don't understand the comments about comments here. What this woman did seems MUCH more of an important issue than being defensive about someone elses comments. A childs life is just so way more important!! You can't even compare...
Wheres the baby daddy? is he going to get custody of this child? Why is it that everyone feels entitled to have a child when they can't even take care of there own well being. Stupid people not having kids, now there's change!
Something as egregious as this deserves more severe punishment. At 21 we are quite sure she has more children that need to be removed. She also needs forced sterilization to ensure she does not continue to breed.
I say, duct tape those clowns to a folding metal chair directly under an infant with an intestinal virus.
And here i was thinking it was a legitimate cure for ADD
I was thinking autism
I'm surprised this didn't happen in Florida.
Or anywhere in the southern USA. Surprised that she didn't learn the velcro trick when she was a kid. Maybe too much crack ruined her memory.
Web search for Jayla Hamm, a white mother from Nebraska, and her white boyfriend, Corde Honea, who were sentenced in October of last year for doing something similar. This duo duct-taped her son to the wall, taped his hands behind his back, and taped a sippy cup out of the toddler's reach and sat around getting high, laughing, and taking pictures while he sobbed.
Stupid comes in all different shapes, sizes, and colors.. This is just a stupid woman, nothing more needs to be said. Hopefully the baby is removed from her before she can screw it up any more.
I don't think this has anything to do with people who happen to have darker skin, as we have white people murdering their children every week according to the CNN Justice section. Not only is this woman a b*tch for duct taping her kid, she's also a complete moron. Who talks to the cops when they think they might get caught? That's when you keep the most distance.
You guys sicken me with your racist comments. I assume some of you believe in God. If God made everything here including them, who are you to sneer at his work? If you do have any faith, what do you suppose he'll say to you when your life here is done if you behave this way? And I'm not black by the way, or married to one.
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@spidercat: by 5 different fathers! Adds a touch of class to the whole thing...
Not far off from swaddling actually. Minus the duct tape over the mouth.
Wow!!!! Mother of the century! What kind of evil b*tch would do that to their child? I mean what did a 18 months baby do that is wrong that she had to be duct taped to a fing a chair? i mean someone needs to take her child away from her and make sure that this hoe can never have kids again. Plus this dumb c*nt should be ducted taped to a cahir naked like her daughter.
Make sure you have 5 more kids that I can pay for!