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Feds: Sailor Sold Top Secret Documents

Intelligence specialist, 22, snared in undercover op

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Secret Docs Summary

DECEMBER 6--A Naval intelligence specialist who had access to several highly classified military computer systems last month sold dozens of secret and top secret documents to an FBI undercover agent posing as an intelligence officer of a foreign country, according to a search warrant affidavit.

In meetings at two hotels near Fort Bragg in North Carolina, Brian Minkyu Martin, 22, accepted $3500 in return for the documents, according to an investigative summary prepared by federal agents. Martin, pictured below, named the classified systems to which he had access and “stated he was seeking long-term financial reimbursement.” He also noted that “over his prospective fifteen (15) to twenty (20) year career, he could be very valuable.”

The summary does not disclose how the probe of Martin began, nor does it detail the substance of the 53 documents he sold to the undercover operative. While he was taken into military custody last week, Martin has yet to be charged in connection with the transactions.

Martin told the undercover agent that he was assigned to the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) at Fort Bragg, where “his current assignment focuses on Afghanistan.” The intelligence specialist noted that “he will work for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in the future.”

According to investigators, Martin accepted payments during three separate mid-November meetings in rooms at a Holiday Inn Express and Hampton Inn. During two of the meetings, Martin was “wearing his United States Navy uniform,” and signed a receipt for the funds he received (he allegedly used a code name that he “chose for himself during the meeting”). During his first meeting with the purported foreign agent, Martin was provided with a cell phone “for future contact.”

After completing basic training, Martin reported to the Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center in July 2007. Over the following years, he held intelligence posts at Griffiss Air Force Base in upstate New York and DIA headquarters in Washington, D.C.. He arrived at JSOC in mid-September.

During his first meeting with the undercover agent, Martin reported having access to network systems classified secret and top secret. (4 pages)

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Hang this mother***er.
Congratulations to the folks at FBI Counterintelligence!
This is intended to be an informative, pleasant reply, so please do not take offense. The PAGE 1 not shown presents the name, agency and experience of the agent with their basis for the affidavit. Reading the documents, it stated he / she conferred with OTHER NCIS agents, meaning the affiant was an NCIS Special Agent and not an FBI counter intelligence agent with whom he conferred. Unfortunately, many people assume it was the FBI that did certain things when they had no direct involvement. This results in Congressional funds appropriated for the wrong agency based on perveptiuon and not relit, underfunding those other agencies. This may help too:This is the federal criminal complaint filed against Robert Philip Hanssen, the veteran FBI agent charged with selling U.S. intelligence secrets to Russia. The 56-year-old Hanssen, who was arraigned today (2/20) in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, was arrested at his home Sunday night after FBI agents reportedly watched him leave a package of classified documents at a designated drop point in a Virginia park. (1 page) It was the IRS CID who actually uncovered this clown in the FBI. Hope this helps
I'm glad we have operatives trolling for imbeciles like this guy. Its better that we get to them before the enemy does. I have to agree about the firing squad. It would only take a few of these guys getting shot before this type of behavior stopped.
They need to start taking these pathetic U.S. Military turncoats to a firing range and use them as targets. Get some use out of them anyway!