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Judge Removes Lawyer's Penis From Court File

Member of the bar sexted pic to woman now suing him


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Penis Pic Lawyer

APRIL 2--A California lawyer has successfully petitioned a judge to strike his penis from the public record.

A photo of attorney Dwayne Beck’s genitalia was included as an exhibit to a lawsuit filed March 13 by a woman identified only as “Jane Sa Doe.” According to the complaint, Beck made a series of unwanted sexual advances toward “Doe,” who contends she has suffered severe emotional distress as a result of the 51-year-old lawyer’s actions.

“Doe,” who works as a translator/interpreter for a legal service, charges that Beck repeatedly propositioned her, rubbed up against her on several occasions, and e-mailed her a nude photograph.

While Beck and his Riverside law firm “strenuously deny the merits of Plaintiff’s causes and actions” and consider the “Doe” complaint an “effort to harass, humiliate, and embarrass,” their lawyers did acknowledge in a March 29 Superior Court filing that Beck’s penis is, literally, Exhibit A.

The photo of the member of the bar--which we’ve blurred--can be seen above (click to, um, enlarge). Along with the image, which was texted twice to “Doe,” Beck wrote, “Meet me in Parking garage. No cameras.”

Beck’s application to seal the photo was filed more that two weeks after the “Doe” lawsuit was originally docketed, which allowed the complaint--and its lewd exhibit--to be circulated in media and law circles.

In the court application seeking to seal court records, Beck’s lawyers argued that, “Given the intensely personal nature of the contents of Exhibit A (which contains a nude photograph of Defendant), Defendant has an overriding privacy interest” to have the explicit photo sealed.

As first reported by the OC Weekly, Judge James Di Cesare granted Beck’s request to have his penis sealed, as it were. Di Cesare, however, declined Beck’s other assorted sealing requests.

Beck’s legal team argued that the penis photo had to be stricken to “protect the privacy and dignity of Defendant Dwayne S. Beck’s person.” As recounted in the “Doe” complaint, Beck sexted the image to the woman after allegedly seeking to block her exit from a room. The lawyer, “Doe” noted, had an erection at the time.

Strangely, online searches did not turn up a photo of Beck’s face. (4 pages)