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Tripping Teen Went On School Groping Spree

Cops: Boy, 15, molested H.S. staffers

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Tripping Student

JANUARY 24--A 15-year-old student apparently tripping on LSD groped the breasts of three school staffers and tried to strangle a nurse with her stethoscope while yelling “I'm an Avenger,” according to police who charged the juvenile with an assortment of crimes, including assault and gross sexual imposition.

The teenager’s meltdown, cops say, occurred last Wednesday morning at Liberty High School in Liberty Township, just outside of Youngstown.

The student first grabbed a female teacher’s breasts "roughly in a painful manner," prompting her to scream for help while telling the boy, “Do not touch me.” The teen then fled the building (seen above), but was brought back inside by a school resource officer.

After mumbling about "big tits" and making incoherent comments, the student then pushed a school secretary against a wall and grabbed her breasts and buttocks. “Come here, bitch,” the boy announced before pawing the woman, according to a Liberty Township Police Department report.

As the resource officer struggled to handcuff the student, he lunged at the school’s principal and "aggressively" groped her breasts, as first reported by WKBN’s Chelsea Simeon.

The student was eventually placed into the rear of a police cruiser, where he licked the vehicle’s windows and kicked through a partition window. The student, who told paramedics that he had taken LSD, later claimed that the hallucinogenic was provided to him by his dog.

While being examined at a Youngstown hospital, the teen began yelling “I'm an Avenger” and allegedly tried to strangle a female nurse with a stethoscope. Earlier, he had yelled “big dick” and “big tits” at police officers.

The student was subsequently transported to the local juvenile justice center, where he was detained on assault, vandalism, resisting arrest, and gross sexual imposition charges. The teen's vaping device was seized by cops and sent to a police lab to be "tested for any possible narcotics." (3 pages)