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Couple Busted For Post-Church Autoeroticism

Cop broke up duo's Easter tryst inside parked car

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Post-Easter Sex Duo

APRIL 10--After attending Easter Sunday church services, a randy Georgia couple repaired to the parking lot of a nearby Kroger supermarket and began having sex in a Nissan 350Z, police report.

The automotive assignation, however, was broken up when a cop on a “routine traffic patrol” noticed “ a silhouette of what appeared to be a female’s head bouncing up and down in the front part of the driver’s seat.” After exiting his cruiser, the cop approached the vehicle for further inspection, according to a Gwinnett County Police Department report.

As detailed by Officer Nermin Cultarevic, he spotted driver Jamel Grant, 26, “naked from the waist down to his knees and he had an erect penis, which was in the front passenger’s, Ms. Michel Felix Casas’s mouth.” Cultarevic added, “Moreover, Michel’s breasts were naked and Grant was touching them with his hands.”

After Cultarevic knocked on the Nissan’s window, Grant and Felix Casas, 21, struggled to put their clothes on. 

After Grant opened the driver’s side window at Cultarevic’s direction, the cop detected “a strong odor of both burnt and raw marijuana emanating” from the car. Asked what the couple was doing, Grant reported that they “were making out,” adding that “he and Michel came to the location from church where they attended the Easter service.”

The police report does not specify which church the pair purportedly attended, though it would have presumably offered a late night service, since Grant and Felix Casas were collared around midnight.

Pictured in the above mug shots, Grant and Felix Casas were arrested for public indecency and loitering and prowling. Grant was also hit with a possession charge after claiming ownership to a joint and a bag of pot found in the vehicle. (1 page)