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Christian Clown In Perv Bust

Illinois man had porn cache from trip to Philippines orphanage

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Christian Clown In Perv Bust

OCTOBER 10--An Illinois man who worked as a "Christian clown" named Klutzo was arrested yesterday on child pornography charges for allegedly taking naked photographs of young boys at a Philippines orphanage.

According to a federal criminal complaint, Amon Paul Carlock took the illicit photos during a "clowning" trip to the House of Joy orphanage earlier this year. The photos were discovered by agents who examined Carlock's camera and laptop during a routine baggage inspection at the San Francisco airport, according to the complaint, an excerpt of which you'll find at left.

When agents confronted Carlock about the images, he denied possessing child pornography and having sexual contact with children. Carlock can be seen below in a creepy promotional video (titled "Klutzo in the Philippines") documenting his visit to the House of Joy orphanage.

Regarding the naked photos of young boys, Carlock explained, "That's how they live." Three of the boys seen in the photos told investigators they woke up to find Carlock fondling and caressing them. On his web site, Carlock (who has worked with his wife, a fellow clown) describes himself as a Christian clown who performs at parties, picnics, vacation Bible school, children's church.

Carlock told investigators that he previously traveled to the House of Joy in 2004 and visited a Mexican orphanage in 2002. He also reported being an ordained minister who has been involved in pastoral ministry, Christian education and camping, and evangelism since 1967.

In one Internet posting on a missionary outreach site, Carlock sought to volunteer at an overseas orphanage "doing any tasks that I am capable of doing. Wife cannot come due to work." (11 pages)

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The two clues that should have been picked up on immediately that this dude is super pervy is that 1.) he's a self describe "Christian" 2.) He's a CLOWN.