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Man Busted For Battery With His Soiled Diaper

Diaper "remnants" found on victim's torso, cops report

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Diaper Battery

MAY 15--Add a soiled adult diaper to the long list of strange items used as weapons during alleged batteries in the Free State of Florida.

After responding early yesterday to a reported domestic battery in St. Petersburg, cops gave this account of the alleged incident:

“The defendant threw a diaper at the victim striking him in the center of his torso. The diaper contained urine and other feces.”

Investigators say that the confrontation began when Damian Kasten, 18, began arguing with his brother about “ongoing domestic issues.” Kasten, cops reported, is paralyzed, but “ambulatory by using his upper body.”

After Kasten damaged walls inside the home, he allegedly became aggressive toward his sibling and a witness and attempted to “throw items at them.” At that point, Kasten’s brother and the witness “lifted and carried the defendant outside for the safety of all” and dialed 911.

Seen above, Kasten then allegedly removed his soiled diaper and threw it at his brother, striking him in the chest. “Remnants of the diaper were seen on the front porch...and on the stomach of the victim,” a police officer noted.

No weapon was seized by police, according to an arrest affidavit.

Charged with domestic battery, a misdemeanor, Kasten was booked into the county jail, from which he was released Tuesday afternoon on his own recognizance.

A judge has ordered Kasten to have no contact with his brother, and granted the accused man a one-time visit to his home--in the presence of police--to retrieve his personal belongings. (1 page)