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Man Mutilated Wife's Lover, Police Report

Suspect used scissors to cut off victim's penis

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Florida Mutilation

JULY 17--A gun-toting Florida Man broke into the home of his wife’s lover and cut off the man’s penis with a pair of scissors, according to police who said that the intruder fled the residence with the severed organ.

The victim told cops that a neighbor, Alex Bonilla, 49, entered his mobile home in the town of Bell Sunday morning and threatened to kill him, according to a Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office arrest report.

Once inside, cops say, Bonilla warned the victim that he would kill him if he resisted. Bonilla then “took the Victim into his bedroom, tied him up, and forcefully cut off the Victim’s penis with a pair of scissors.” Bonilla, cops added, “then fled the Victim’s residence with the Victim’s severed penis in his possession.”

Investigators reported that there were two juveniles in the home (seen below) when Bonilla--armed with a 9mm handgun--burst in through an unlocked rear door.

According to the arrest report, Bonilla recently caught his wife and the victim having sex. Bonilla lives directly across the street from the victim.

Seen above, Bonilla, who works for a dairy, was charged with multiple felony charges for “completely severing” the victim’s sexual organ. Bonilla is being held in the Gilchrist County jail in lieu of $1.25 million bond.

The victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment. The arrest report does not detail the man's condition or whether the severed penis was recovered. (2 pages)