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Cops: Man, 84, Dumped Bowl Of Urine On Boy

Pensioner claimed that victim damaged his home

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Elderly Urine Dumper

AUGUST 17--After accusing a neighborhood boy of vandalizing his walkway, an 84-year-old Indiana man dumped a bowl of urine on the child from his second-floor balcony, according to cops who arrested the octogenarian on a felony charge.

The confrontation Saturday afternoon began after the 13-year-old allegedly smashed landscaping bricks outside the Evansville home of Charles Weatherford, who dialed 911.

Officers arriving in response to the criminal damage report noted smelling a “strong odor of urine but were unable to determine the source,” according to a police report.

After departing the scene, the cops were called back to the neighborhood by the mother of the boy, who reported that her child “had been assaulted with bodily waste.” Alicia Lile charged that Weatherford had poured urine on her son from his balcony.

The teenager, who “had a strong smell of urine emanating from his person,” told police that he had argued with Weatherford (seen above) before getting doused.

During subsequent questioning, Weatherford said that he became angry when the boy called him names and challenged him to fight. “Weatherford then stated that he then threw a liquid onto the Juvenile male suspect,” cops noted.

While en route to jail, Weatherford “disclosed that he did sometimes keep a bowl of urine on his balcony for self defense,” according to the report. Weatherford's home is pictured above.

During a subsequent jail inventory of Weatherford’s belongings, officers reported smelling a “strong odor of urine emitting” from only the pensioner’s shoes.

Pictured above, Weatherford was charged with battery by communicable bodily fluid/waste, a felony, and battery on a victim under the age of 14.

Weatherford, who is free on $750 bond, is scheduled for an August 19 Circuit Court hearing. (2 pages)