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Cops: Teen Made Grandma, 74, Smoke Marijuana

Suspect claimed kin toked "because he wanted her to"


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Grandma Abused

APRIL 21--A Pennsylvania man allegedly forced his grandmother to smoke marijuana with him, threatened her life, and emptied the elderly woman’s bank account, according to police.

Andrew Jordan Demkowich is facing a variety of criminal charges stemming from the incident Monday at the Scranton home he shared with Barbara Demkowich, his 74-year-old grandmother.

Demkowich, 19, was arrested by cops who found him sleeping on a chair in the living room. He had a “partially burnt ‘blunt’ sitting on the top of his sweat pants,” according to a probable cause affidavit. The blunt appeared to have burned a hole in the pants of the teenager, who is pictured in the mug shot at right.

When a Scranton cop asked if he made his grandmother smoke the pot, Demkowich “said she smoked it with him because he wanted her to.” He denied striking his grandmother, but noted that, “I might grab her arms when she tries putting her hands on me.”

The elderly woman told police that she feared her grandson, and accused him of abusing her on several occasions. “I can’t ever come back here, he’s gonna come back and kill me,” she said.

After she was forced to write him a check for the balance in her account--$98--Demkowich said that he “forced her to smoke marijuana with him.” When the teen “passed out,” his grandmother called her son, who summoned police.

Demkowich, charged with one felony and six misdemeanors, is jailed in lieu of $2000 bond. Records show that Demkowich was busted last March in Fort Myers, Florida, on narcotics charges. He was placed into an early intervention program, which is usually offered to first-time offenders. (2 pages)

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Get high or die; capisce?
NO ONE could force me to smoke weed and I mean NO ONE. This grandmother seems to have personal issues. I would've kicked his butt out of the house a long time ago and gotten a restraining order against him. Case closed.
Granny looks hot when I get high will be his best defense.
what a totally reckless jerk. If someone has a heart condition certain strains of marijuana are not good-specifically Sativa types. They can cause elevated pulse, blood pressure and agitation. And this is someone who is 74. Imagine what kind of shape her lungs and body is already in. Most potheads here know what it was like the first time you smoked when you were younger. Would you want to deal with "chronic' level pot the FIRST time? at 70 something? I'm just surprised she could still pick up the phone and talk!
Straight trash, homey.
Smokig is good for health,but if you cross the limits then it takes your life.
I think he worked in the warehouse at Dunder Mifflin
He looks like Dwight's cousin
Someone created this monster, who was it? Little kids start innocent untill someone causes them to turn otherwise. Was it his parents or her? Did she ruin his parents and thus him? Just a thought. She may very well be totaly innocent just trying to be a good grandparent, but I have at least some lingering doubts about that. You reap what you sow in life.
Good point.
See, this is exactly, precisely what is wrong with our society today, bleeding hearts making excuses for worthless trash like this slug. Well Fark me in the Ozarks, it MUST have been his upbringing!!! Bullshiat. News Flash: Both of my parents had alcoholic fathers growing up, were physically abused, but both grew up to be fine parents for me, my sister, and 2 brothers. They made a conscious decision to NOT be the kind of parents their fathers were.
You may have some "lingering doubts" about the grandmother. I have some lingering doubts about *you*. Plenty of people reap what they *didn't* sow. This guy was old enough to be responsible for himself. He made his own decisions about whom to abuse. How did he get that way? Who knows? It might have been the school system, or the people he hung out with. The unemployment rate for high school grads is almost 30%. You have absolutely NO evidence, just your imagination. You can make up excuses and imagine reasons to blame this victim. But he's responsible for his *own* actions. Plenty of people have rotten parents and never do this sort of thing.
I'm just glad that he's 19. Otherwise that little scum would probably have walked. What a piece of crap that kid is.
Pure white trash.
Since he loves old people so much I bet he'll enjoy his time in jail getting raped by old men.
This piece of garbage should just end it now. I'm sure he can steal another 5 bucks from grammy to buy some rope.
What a creep!!!
Agreed. It's hard to find much funny about this one. I guess, at least it was just weed.
N-n-n-n-o, it went like this: He said 'c'mon grandma, it's not gunna kill you', she being old and deaf thought he said 'c'mon grandma I'M gunna kill you'. Then grandma tried it mistaking the act as coerced, and after a lifetime of reefer madness, the old bat freaks out and paranoia gets the better of her, thinking she's (further) lost her mind. The teen then asks her if he can borrow $100 for a quarter ounce of Grand Daddy Purple but she mistakes it as robbery. case closed.
com-on grandma write me a check or i'll bust you in the mouth. I wanna buy some grass and you are gonna smoke it with me, like it or not.