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Felony Rap In Alleged Sanitary Napkin Battery

Woman hit hospital worker with "used" item

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Feminine Battery

MAY 15--In today’s installment of Vile News from Florida...

A 29-year-old woman was arrested Monday evening after striking a hospital worker with a “used” feminine product that the suspect had removed from her pants, police report.

Defendant Coffii Castellion sought treatment in the emergency room of the Mease Dunedin Hospital, which is about seven miles from her residence in Largo, a Tampa Bay suburb.

While in the hospital, cops say, Castellion swiped seven bathing cloths and ten sets of hospital slippers estimated to be worth a combined $10.79. That minor pilferage cost Castellion a felony rap since she has two prior theft convictions.

Castellion then doubled up her docket sheet when she allegedly “took a feminine pad from underneath her pants and threw it at a health care provider,” striking the female victim in the stomach with the "used product." Seen above, Castellion was charged with battery on health service personnel.

After posting $7000 bond yesterday morning, Castellion was freed from the county jail.

In addition to her theft priors, Castellion has been convicted of narcotics possession; battery on a law enforcement officer; obstruction; violating probation; filing a false police report; failure to appear in court; and providing a false name to police. (1 page)