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Jesus Vs. Devil In This Week's Mug Shot Roundup

Arrestee’s tat pits Satan against Savior in arm wrestle

Mug Shot Roundup

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Mug Shots: 4/11/14

APRIL 14--The bug-eyed gentleman, 41, who opens this week’s mug shot roundup was arrested by Arizona cops for fighting. As for his fellow defendants, a frew notes:

1) The sullen New Yorker, 30, flashing the middle finger on page #4 was busted Tuesday for manufacturing methamphetamine and endangering the welfare of a child; 2) After being popped for assault and consuming liquor in public, the 51-year-old Arizona man on page #5 puckered up for his booking photo; 3) Following a battery collar, a 27-year-old Florida man had his tattoos photographed by jail personnel. As seen on page #6, this allows others to now enjoy his back ink pitting Jesus and the Devil in an arm wrestling match; 4) Jailed on a failure to appear charge, the Oregonian, 73, on page #7 showed off his Donald Trump swirl for the mug shot camera; 5) The 19-year-old Floridian who is being helped to pose for the camera on page #10 is named My Rights. She was busted Sunday for trespassing and bribery of a public servant; and 6) The “Duck Dynasty” fan, 48, on page #13 was nabbed Tuesday by North Carolina cops for violating terms of his probation. (14 pages)