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Anonymous Unmasked In Mug Shot Roundup?

Recent perp gives it his best “V For Vendetta” shot

Mug Shot Roundup

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Mug Shots: May 9, 2014

MAY 12--The gap-toothed Arizonan, 33, who tops this week’s mug shot roundup was collared Tuesday on a criminal damage charge. As for his fellow suspects, a few clarifying notes:

1) The 29-year-old woman on page #2 was arrested by Miami cops for prostitution; 2) Busted Friday for battery and disorderly conduct, the 40-year-old Floridian on page #4 was outfitted with a fetching spit shield; 3) The 21-year-old Idaho woman on page #6--her name is Courtney Love--was popped Wednesday for violating probation; 4) No, the South Carolina gent on page #7 is not wearing one of those Guy Fawkes/Anonymous masks. He was jailed Tuesday for marijuana possession and driving on the wrong side of the road; 5) The 36-year-old man on page #12 was arrested by Kansas police for disorderly conduct; 6) What better time to pop a collar than after you have been jailed for malicious injury to property? The stylish 27-year-old on page #13 was busted Thursday by Oklahoma cops; and 7) Miami police arrested the 40-year-old man on page #14 on robbery, battery, and disorderly conduct charges. (15 pages)