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A Bloody Bad Time Is Had By Some Perps

Several suspects left a crimson mess in new roundup

Mug Shot Roundup

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Mug Shots: July 5, 2013

JULY 7--This week’s mug shot roundup opens with a 33-year-old Oklahoma man who was arrested Saturday for drunk driving and failing to stop at a red light. He apparently was collared shortly after consuming a plate of brains. As for his fellow suspects, some notes:

1) The crutch-supported Georgian, 61, on page #4 was busted Wednesday for domestic battery and public intoxication; 2) The bloodied Tennessee woman on page #5 was nabbed for domestic assault; 3) The uniformed Floridian, 28, on page #6 was popped Wednesday for purchasing marijuana; 4) Arrested Wednesday for battery, the 36-year-old Floridian on page #11 seems to have been battered in return; and 5) The beaming Arizonan on page #14 was jailed for failure to pay fines. (15 pages)